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Galaxy S10 Plus Ultra-thin Grid Weaving Case

Galaxy S10 Plus Ultra-thin Grid Weaving Case

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Ultra-thin Grid Weaving Case for the needs of your exceptional Galaxy S10 Plus. This case has a stylishly knitted pattern on the back of the case. It provides evenly distributed rectangular ventilated holes for successful communication/games.
  • Ventilated holes for temperature maintenance.
  • A chic look with the weaving pattern.
  • The case will never have deformation.
  • Shock-proof, Anti-dropping, Anti-smashing.
  • Germany-based  Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material.
  • Anti-sweat, Anti-dirty, Anti-fingerprint.
  • It is lighter and cozier than bags.
  • With entire knitted checks, it looks fresh and clean.

Due to these ventilation holes, the temperature of your mobile phone will still be normal while you enjoy playing games all day. This weaving case provides sensitive accuracy for power and volume buttons. It protects the camera considerately with its raised edges.

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